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Campion family?

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Any suggestions as to what this modest but pretty flower is?
Herbaceous, cultivated, leaves in opposite pairs, sessile, on thin wiry purple-tinged stems to about 2' high.
Flowers held singly, both terminal and from leaf axils: inflated hairy calyx, with a fringe of white petals projecting.
Looks hauntingly familiar but I can't put a name to it (cries of "it's me age!").
Suggesions, please?

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ID link

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Many thanks,Chris!

That's the fella: quite possibly this one is a garden cultivar of multifida (which seems, on googling it, to be equally well known as S. fimbriata).

So happy to see that I was in the right area!

Rachy Ramone

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Latin names

Hi Rachy, I did consider S. fimbriata but the Kew site said that S. multifida was the correct name, so I used that.

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Brilliant Chris!

I've been trawling the campions, catchflies, stitchworts and more and drawing blanks. Thanks!
A lovely plant beautifully photographed Rachy.

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S. multifida in Stace ...

... who mentions that it is naturalised in Islay, and used to be naturalised in Kintyre.