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Amending site details

I originally posted this as a question in the "Other Site Feedback" section. Ray Turner suggests posting it here.
What I would like to be able to do is to edit the details of a site.
In particular, I wanted to add a comment on Holme Fen, because the site name is misleading, since the drainage work in the 19th Century. It's actually a damp Birch woodland. But I can't add this and make it "stick". I tried moving the location a little, hoping that would put up a prompt to save the new details, but it didn't.
Also, the rural/urban tick boxes never seem to stick, even when added at creation.
Could this facility be implemented easily? I imagine that it would be useful in a variety of other circumstances.



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Click on the edit tab above your observation. In the Location notes, make your edits.

to view the location notes, click on the location on your observation and the map with the notes will upload.

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Yes but...

... this process only works for that observation you are editing. It is not possible to make a generic change to location notes and it should be, in my opinion.