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Unknown Moth

Observed: 23rd May 2010 By: devilnin

I woke up in the morning came into my kichen/conservantry to greet my dog. I then spotted this strabge moth on my freezer. It was browny, yellowy with a bit of black on it. The strange bit about this moth was that on the wingtips of the moth it was quite feathery. Yesterday and today is very warm! Plaese help!

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The pug moths (Eupithecia)

The pug moths (Eupithecia) are relatively easy to tell apart from other moth genera, but relatively difficult to identify to species level. I'm not sure we can get any further from the photo! (there are 52 British species in this genus).

Rob Coleman

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Pug Moth


Thankyou for you indentification!!!! I have never heard of A Pug Moth before!