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Trichius gallicus

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Bee Beetle (Trichius)

Found on Hogweed
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I think this may be the

I think this may be the similar T. rosaceus - T. fasciatus seems to usually have a complete black band at the base of the elytra while T. rosaceus has distinct spots. I believe the clinching feature is a leg structure which I'm not sure is visible. T. fasciatus natural distribution is northern/western whereas T. rosaceus turns up sporadically anywhere. Nice pictures of a cracking beetle either way!

Rob Coleman

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many thanks Rob. 'Might' and 'may' mean bad pictures though, I knew should have taken the specimen. Or can I turn the creature over and photograph the legs? I selected this species on the basis of the white hairs

T. zonatus has been recorded at this location, but there's no acknowledgement of it in other discussions of this genus on ispot, fasciata & rosaceus the only British species acknowledged. Apparently a possible vagrant according to the survey that found it. I did wonder for quite a while whether I should collect this one or not, but I'm not used to beetles. I knew I'd end up kicking myself. I'll try and find a key for the specific leg differences and collect the beetle if it's still there tomorrow

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My advice would always be to

My advice would always be to take a specimen! I think there is a fair bit of varitaion amongst these chafers and a number of photos published on the internet may be mis-identified to add to the fun...

Going on elytra pattern - this is near identical to my observation from Norfolk (and I took one and checked the legs on this!). I think T. zonatus and T. rosaceus are synonyms...

Rob Coleman