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A member of the mint family?

Observed: 2nd July 2013 By: Annwen JonesAnnwen Jones’s reputation in Plants
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Lycopus europaeus usually grows on the margins of water bodies

You've put the habitat down as "Gardens and Parks", but the location appears to be a pub carpark. Could you elaborate on the habitat?

It certainly looks like Lycopus europaeus, but I am wondering whether it's some obscurish ornamental plant.

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Not near water

This was difficult to mark exactly on the map, it's in a community garden plot (Trinity Church, easton, Bristol).

The bed it's in also has white horehound, motherwort and lemon following the theme of medicinal plants in the mint family it makes sense for this to be Lycopus europaeus. But it's not near water, and the leaves appear to be much wider than I've seen it in the wild.
Could it be that this is what the plant looks like if grown in good conditions rather than in the wild? but maybe you're right about the ornamental. Nobody at the garden seemed to know what they'd planted!

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Think it's right -

This is one that has suffered badly, since it likes the same damp habitats as the invasive Himalayan Balsam, which out-competes it easily.