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Amending site details

I'm trying to work out how to edit the details I've entered for a site.
In particular, I wanted to add a comment on Holme Fen, because the site name is misleading, since the drainage work in the 19th Century. It's actually a damp Birch woodland. But I can't add this and make it "stick". I tried moving the location a little, hoping that would put up a prompt to save the new details, but it didn't.
Also, the rural/urban tick boxes never seem to stick, even when added at creation.
I expect I've missed something, as usual...



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Rural/urban tick boxes...

...seem to be working properly, I've just gone into one of my earlier Obs and changed it, checked it, then changed it back.

How are you approaching them?

I went to MySpot, then chose the Observations tabs, scrolled down to the relevant entry, clicked on it: then clicked on the "Edit" tab, made the change, clicked on "save".

Regarding the site description, you could always just add text in the initial "Description" section to explain about the fen.

I am not sure if I understand you correctly, so do forgive me if I'm on the wrong track, but when making a new Observation, I firstly use the map to "pin" the location, then I overtype whatever comes up in the text box. At this point you can add extra details of the location in the larger text entry box beside it.

I have noticed that once you create a location, it always brings up the same secondary/extra details to go with it, although you can overtype them.

But it's quite easy to create additional location phrases, if you are likely to use each one a few times, enough to want to not have to type it all in every time.

And don't forget to "save" every time you change something, of course.

Does this help?

Rachy Ramone

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The particular problem

With the site in question is that, when I first used it, I didn't set the urban/rural flag, nor did I add the text I later realised was (possibly) helpful to others.
Now I can't do either and make it "stick". I tried your suggestion of editing then saving: no luck.
It may be that I use Firefox, not Internet Exploiter (sorry, Explorer). I will try using that browser next time, and see if it makes a difference.
Thanks for the response, by the bye.

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After a few quick experiments I’ve come to the conclusion it is not possible to edit the site details in the way you suggest Amadan. It is possible to go into a previous observation and amend the site details but they are then only saved for that observation; which could get tedious.

Now that you have brought it up it seems an obvious thing to want to do. Why don’t you mention it in the Suggest Improvements... forum?



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Suggest Improvements forum

I'll do that. Thanks.