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Observed: 30th June 2013 By: snhargrave
Two objects next to a two pence piece for scale

Found by my five year old at the base of an oak tree in our garden in rural Leicestershire. Smells like a mushroom, looks like a tiny truffle.


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I can't agree

But only because I know nothing about these fungi. However, I found an interesting article at:
which was (for me at least) almost entirely new.
Hopefully one of the Learned Ones will be able to agree or revise.
Great find!

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Getting closer

Thanks for the link. After some surfing around the species on the web page I'm thinking he's found tuber maculatum. It fits with the size and the fruiting period and the appearance. It was found near an oak but our little wood also comprises beech, hazel, larch and ash so any of these could be involved in the symbiosis.

Anyone else want to chip in?

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Can you cut it in half and

Can you cut it in half and post a photo? It might be Choiromyces meandriformis

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another alternative

I agree - cut it in half. Perhaps it isn't a fungus but a truffle gall[ Andricus quercusradicis, on the oak tree.
There was a pic of one of these in another query. Search "Oak Galls".