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feeding fledglings

I have spent a long while this morning watching parent birds feeding their fledged offspring, who sit on the ground or on the wall near the feeders, and squawk loudly , flapping their wings, while the parents keep popping bits of food in their mouths. Today it has been sparrows and starlings and I guess the other species will be coming soon .1 or 2 of the young starlings have got the idea today, and started to peck up the seeds off the ground. Nothing unusual about their behaviour, just great to watch.



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Something I only saw once, a couple of years ago: a blackbird trying to persuade the fledgling to pick up the food for itself. The parent was patient, feed a few bits, try to persuade junior to do it for itself; then carry on feeding it. The fledgling was having none of it!
I'd love to see the actual transition: I suspect it doesn't happen until the adult simply starts ignoring the youngster altogether.

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In many birds the transition is usually the opposite way around.Fledglings copy the parents and when they get proficient, they stop begging.
In the past 3-4-5 days young starlings have started to turn-up in droves. One was on the lawn this morning - it was so young that the tail was a stump and it laboured to fly into bushes - it was probing and gaping into the grass, as an adult would looking for grubs. I watched for a which and it probably found a small slug - it wiped whatever it was on the grass. The moment a parent came near, it begged.