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Fan-bearing Wood-borer, Buckinghamshire

Observed: 30th June 2013 By: Martin Harvey
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Ptilinus pectinicornis - Great Kimble - cropped-001
Ptilinus pectinicornis - Great Kimble - cropped

I always enjoy seeing these small but spectacular wood-boring beetles. It's only the males that have these antler-like antennae, and the second picture also shows one of the beetles' burrows, with a beetle inside that may be one of the females.

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great, aren't they. There's lots of these on Hackney marshes at their usual spot

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I found another beetle with the Fan-bearers this year, which I've just discovered might be Tillus elongatus, a beetle which apparently feeds on the Ptilinus' larvae

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Yes, I've seen Tillus a few

Yes, I've seen Tillus a few times including in my garden, so presumably they are a hazard that the fan-bearer's have to live with.

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