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Green bug (shield bug)

Observed: 29th June 2013 By: johnmckillopjohnmckillop’s reputation in Invertebrates
Saltholme 029
Saltholme 026
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ID notes

This possible Shieldbug species has a small black triangle on it's back, but it isn't centeredin the middles of it's back so I think it may actually be dirt/something else so I'd ignore it.

The bug also lacks the markings of other shield bugs along the back edges, instead there is a constant faint bright yellow line fringing the back.

John McKillop, Zoology BSc(Hons) 2012 - budding ecologist, aspiring naturalist.

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Hello John not a Shieldbug most definitely a Mirid Bug - Glad you took the time to pont out the artifact as the black scutellar area would have been a spanner in the works . Shieldbugs would be generally bigger 10-12 mm and a nore defined Shield but they do look very similar Lygocoris rugicollis is very similar to Orthotylus marginalis


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