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Observed: 29th June 2013 By: EdwardAtkinsonEdwardAtkinson’s reputation in InvertebratesEdwardAtkinson’s reputation in InvertebratesEdwardAtkinson’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Yellow Dung Fly

One of the most widespread flies in the UK, found in most habitats from coasts to inland hills, often in huge numbers. Several other Scathophaga species are a similar colour, but this is the only one with black antennae, as Chris says. Males can be very furry and very large, but like many flies, they are prone to great variation in size, so you can see quite small specimens, sometimes. The fine, long hairs behind the eye, low down, are what point to Scathophagidae. Watching a swarm on fresh cow dung is an odd thing to do, but quite a spectacle...you have to admire such a successful creature!


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