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Field Bindweed

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Field Bindweed (2)
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Think that this is more like Hedge bindweed

Field bindweed is pink and the flowers are smaller


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white-flowered field bindweed ...

... turns up quite often. (I can't tell which species it is from this photograph.)

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Can't tell

No idea of scale, can't see the leaves, can't see the bracts.
Bazz, your photos are lovely but please try to show more of the plant when you post to iSpot.

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will do but some are already in the can...

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hairy leaves

hairy leaves

Tim Rich

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Can just see the hairs! C. arvensis it is!

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New Photo

added another photo

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Sorry for confusing things.

I didn't see the leaves so well and I meant the relative flower sizes.

Field bindweed then.