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Identifying Myosotis species

First we see that the calyx hairs are appressed. Then, looking at the calyx lobes, we see that they are longer than wide (forming an isosceles triangle with base shorter than sides).

Then the problems start because we have to see if the lower part of the stem has patent hairs (ie sticking out sideways rather than appressed) which I can't make out from your photos. If the lower stem has patent hairs, it is Myosotis secunda, Creeping Forget-me-Not (ignoring the rare M. alpestris). But M. secunda has long pedicels, eventually 2.5-5x as long as fruiting calyx. Your plant doesn't look to have long pedicels so we can say that M. secunda is unlikely.

If the stem has only appressed hairs, then it will be either M. stolonifera, Pale Forget-me-Not or M. laxa, Tufted Forget-me-Not. We can go a bit further because M. stolonifera is a rare plant of Northern England and Southern Scotland and as you found your plant in Herefordshire, we can forget M. stolonifera. That just leaves M. laxa so I will stick my neck out (just a little) and say that your plant is probably M. laxa, Tufted Forget-me-Not.

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Thanks for that - I'll have

Thanks for that - I'll have to get back and take a closer look.