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Observed: 25th June 2013 By: laceyu
Species interactions

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Species with which Pearl-bordered fritillary (Boloria euphrosyne) interacts


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looks like...

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Pearl Bordered

Chevrons touch the boundary on the PBF if they are floating it will be a SBPF, the alignment of markings central or off central also assist confirmation, a rear profile view would help to show the presence or absence of a colour mosaic,



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separating pearl and small pear

In the pocket guide to the Butterflies of Great Britain it says the post-discal spot in space 4 is always closer to the margin in the SPF. On the illustrations in the book you count dow the spots on the forewing and the spf is closer to the edge than the next marking on the inside and the pf the spot is midway.

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If all else fails...

will go and read the books! Have been pointing out 730 on selene wings for years, maybe wrongly. Good thing we don't have Meadow/Provencal to worry about here.

Jamie from Briantspuddle