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CSC_1710_unidentified bee

Observed: 30th June 2013 By: tony_bobfan
CSC_1710_unidentified bee

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Unidentified bee

There is a group of I think bees going into a hole in eves/above window in my house.

They have stung anyone and seem placid.

Is there any danger to my house or to people from them?

Am I ok to just leave them alone?


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You might have better luck moving this to inverts group rather than others.

Saying that this isn't the easiest photo to ID from. It could also be a 'worn' specimen - colours fade with age making it harder to ID.

Are all these bees completely black?
I ask because the only black bees this size are either males or cuckoo bumblebees (that I know of anyway), neither form colonies.

I doubt they will be any threat, bumblebees tend not to form large colonies, and are generally quite docile (unless attacked).