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A fly(?) pollinating lady's slipper orchid

Observed: 15th June 2013 By: Alex PrendergastAlex Prendergast’s reputation in InvertebratesAlex Prendergast’s reputation in Invertebrates

I saw this fly within the pouch of the orchid flower and watched it effect pollination by climbing up the 'escape route' at the back of the slipper. Cypripedium calceolus is supposed to be unable to self-fertilise but this flower has subsequently produced a seed pod (none other non-pollinated flowers have). I would like to know what the fly is.

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Hover Pollinating

Nice to have a record of a hover pollinating , bees tend to take all the credit (sorry Matt :-) ) I of course assume the plant was not visitted by the bee first


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Hover Pollinating

Great, thanks Ophrys and confirmers. I understand Syritta pipiens is quite a common and widespread hoverfly species? I wonder whether it would be a natural pollinator in Northern England(this plant is cultivated).

Alex Prendergast