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Observed: 28th July 2009 By: Jane FD
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Found on damp wooded coastal path in Pembrokeshire.


No identification made yet.

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OPAL Air survey


I am no expert when it comes to lichen I am afraid. However OPAL is running a survey on air quality and lichens are good air pollution indicators. Survey packs will be available in September and come with easy-to-follow instructions and identification guides to make taking part simple and fun.Follow the link below to register for a pack.
Hope this will help you identify this lichen and that you will be able to submit your findings to this important survey.


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Thank you Rose, I have registered for a survey pack, i hope to learn more about lichens.

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There are at least two lichens on this fallen twig. The leafy one is probably Parmotrema perlatum which is usually pearly grey with powdery margins that curl up at the edges. The bushy lichen on the upper side of the twig is a beard lichen, on e of the clean air indicators typicalof Pembrokeshire. THe genus name is Usnea but you can't tell the species from the photograph!