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Spirorbis corallinae

Observed: 29th June 2013 By: gramandy
Kent Wildlife TrustThanet Coast ProjectWildwood Trust
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Spirorbis corallinae

Serpulid found on the C.officinalis at extremely low eulittoral./sublittoral border zone.

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Origin 5 July 2013
Graham it would be nice to see them really close up - my M'invert interest started, late last year, with Spirorbis spirorbis.
I know you have issues wi' the camera. But take some home and 'do it' on the table.
Oh and you need to check the name.
Laeospira corallinae (WoRMS) which UKSI does NOT accept
2016 addition
I've been doing some recent checking

It is all a bit confusing but these seem to be the leading authorities

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Back from the future

I worked on this today, producing
I still believe it is impossible to agree to this one Graham. First the many light coloured blobs are likely to be the tips of the grwoing fronds - so apparent when looks closely at Corallina.
Whilst there is the tiniest glimpse of a spiral worm shell, it is (they are) difficult to discern; even so, there is every chance that it is what you say 'on the tin'
But my stand has firmed today - one needs to get close for proper ID, hence my eight photos.