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Editing awkwardness and other niggles.

This is an awkward site to use.

And the editing of my own observation is a case in point: I cant see how to delete my double-posting.

THIS page is weird - why not use a normal internet forum format?

And what on earth does "Split summary at cursor" mean? I'm afraid to press it in case it does something unfriendly and irreversible.

Worthy but not for the common people, is the impression I get.

Also, if there is a way to receive notification of someone commenting on something you're interested in - I cant see it.



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Stick with it ...

Hi David and welcome to iSpot. I’m inclined to agree that it has it’s quirks but you do get used to it after a while and then it becomes addictive ... be warned.

I’m not quite sure about what you are asking in your final paragraph. However the following may be helpful;
to see agreements and comments to observations you have posted look under My Spot/Results Filter, here you will find a number of tick boxes for notifications.
The forums work similarly but there is the odd quirk with these too and I find it pays to go back every once in a while and look through them even if I haven’t been notified.
Occasionally there is an observation I’m interested in following even though I have not made a comment on it, in this case the trick is to mark it as a Favourite. Then, assuming you have the appropriate filters ticked, you will get a notification when someone comments on that observation.

Hope that helps.



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But I don't think you can

But I don't think you can 'Subscribe to' a forum or a thread as in many other sites. You need to engage in a thread before it appears in 'Changes'. Unless I have missed something.

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Deleting of observations

Hi David,

I, too, struggled to work out how things operated: I didn't find the site particularly intuitive at all.

But now I'm finding my way around, although there are still aspects of it which I find frustrating.

Regarding deleting your own observations, if you click on or hover over "MySpot" then choose "Observations" you get a list of all of them. Click on the one you want to delete, then check the tabs across the page: one of them is Edit and within Edit there is the option to delete.

It sounds as though you have accidentally made a duplicate post (ha! ha! We all do it!) and want to delete one of them, which is fine: I have learned that iSpot don't like us to delete Observation just because we were "wrong", they like us to leave a trail showing how it started, and how it developed.

But I do agree that if you have accidentally duplicated an entry, it's good to delete whichever one has no comments on it.

Good luck with the site, I have to say that I really, really enjoy it now.

Rachy Ramone

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