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Jelly Algae

Observed: 4th May 2010 By: RNM350
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Firm mostly spherical jelly balls/blobs consistent colour and consistency throughout. Approx 1cm - 2cm diameter. Well oxygenated shallow pool. without blanket weed since this first seen last year. present in large quantities - free floating but largely settling out onto the pond floor.

  • a protozoan (Ophridium)
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Thanks to Malcolm Storey for this comment:

"Looks like the protozoan Ophridium, but never seen it this late in year; see:

but it's impossible to be sure without microscopy."

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Algae ???

Thanks for the possible identification - Its still there and the sample I removed to photograph i've added to a bowl of water with waterlily. The bowl has remained blanket weed free and the jelly is still there although it hasn't increased.

The linked photo shows very similar material although this isn't attached to anything unlike the linked image........ It's bugging me now that I can't put a name to it !!
Anyone at Liverpool Uni into algae or protozoa ???


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I think the correct spelling of 'Ophridium' is Ophrydium.

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