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Buff-tailed Bumblebee

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Busy on the Hogweed

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I can see no reason to

I can see no reason to suggest that terrestris is any more likely than the lucorum complex. Quite the reverse, in fact.

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Reading through these comments I can see that it will be hard for a beginner to distinguish between these two given the variations mentioned.
Looking at at this page it seemed more likely to be terrestis as there appears to be a thin darker line above the tail. However I have little experience of looking at bees so am not able to distinguish these variations.

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Looking more closely, you may

Looking more closely, you may have one of each - a male terrestris above and a female lucorum complex below. But you can't be sure from these images, I think, beyond the genus.

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Thanks for your reply

I thought they looked slightly different.

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As a fellow beginner I find

As a fellow beginner I find bees very tricky. I use the bumblebee conservation guide too, which I think is an excellent guide for homing in on likely alternatives.

I've tried the Natural History Museum online key:
- but often get stuck in that.

For this image I don't have the knowledge to distinguish between the two most likely options, but we learn through trying don't we :)

Peter H

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Thanks for that link. That will be helpful.
I think we learn more through our errors than our successes. I'm learning a lot! ;)