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Observed: 5th March 2006 By: Joe BottingInvertebrates expert

I don't recall ever seeing this before - the colouring is more typical for sawflies, but this is clearly a dipteran. Really struggling on getting further than that, though...

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Beris - Soldierflies

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you'll probably have seen it before Joe, the wings are normally straight and it usually appears more drab, so you're seeing more orange than usual. I stared at a strange creature for some time today before realising it was Mirus striatus with its wings open

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Perhaps so...

You're probably right, Jeremy - better to say I've never knowingly seen it. Having said that, I've not spent much time looking at flies, so it's quite possible I've missed it entirely... ;o)

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Thanks again

You're pretty good on flies, aren't you? Many thanks, especially for the extra information links - as I say, I'd never seen this before, but it's one I won't be forgetting very quickly...

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I tried to take photos of a small fly with a yellow abdomen twice today, but both times they flew off too fast. My first fleeting thought was sawfly, but too small and not right (though that may be totally illogical). I shall go and look these up now.

I have loathed flies for years, and then all of a sudden they've become interesting instead. Too much rain for butterflies, so I'll have to make do with flies and beetles instead.