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Pale tadpole - maybe diseased?

Observed: 29th June 2013 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesChalkie’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

Large tadpole, but very pale - rear legs colourless and reddish around where front legs are developing. Is it diseased?

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If you still have it or can

If you still have it or can catch it again, a photo form the side would be useful for ID. Tadpoles can be tricky to ID from a photo (especially when they are not where they should be...) so more photos would be good!

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Thats impressive I thought I was ok with Shieldbug Nymphs :-) !!!!!!!


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not from the side

I did have one other photo, but it isn't from the side, unfortunately, and I've put it back in the pond. I'll be very surprised if it is a midwife toad, but I suppose it's not impossible. There was another larger tadpole that was of similar colouration, so I'll look out for them both and try and get some more pictures.

We've only very occasionally seen toads in the garden - and not for a couple of years at least, but we have absolutely loads of frogs. Then again, this pond does have both smooth and great crested newts. But it is only 1m across!