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Lobed bryozoa

Observed: 25th June 2013 By: dejayM
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Alcyonidium gelatinosum

At first I thought this might be a pale Sea chervil (Alcyonidium diaphanum). But it seems lighter and to key out, via my books and Internet, as A.gelatinosum.
P4 is from another time but nearby place.
"Alcyonidium gelatinosum is found on Fucus serratus, very rarely on other algae." JoC
I am glad I did not handle it too much, see -
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I agreed here initially but

I agreed here initially but now not so sure. My take on it was that those with a shiny surface (& only found offshore)were diaphanum, whereas those with pitted surface (such as Nick Upton's at & those he cites on aphotomarine) were another species. However aphotomarine (& Nick) call them diaphanum. My Collins complete guide to brit coastal life p.254 I believe shows it as Alc. hirsutum (& I believe photo taken underwater) (& says found on serrated wrack); whereas it describes diaphanum as below low tide attached to shells & stones

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Origin 29th June 2013
Yes, like you (I have that book) I now believe both mine here is and, possibly, Nick's is also, A.hirsutum.
I note, with interest, you hadn't agreed the latter.
I discarded A.diaphanum because it was everywhere described as on rocks and shells and mine is very light coloured.
Everything now fits quite well and I feel more confident than the second ID note suggests.
Bryozoa Bryozoa Bryozoa Bryozoa Bryozoa Bryozoa Bryozoa >>BRYOZOA<<
Bryozoan Bryozoan Bryozoan Bryozoan Bryozoan >>BRYOZOAN<<

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I think

I think gives a pretty good description.
It also describes A.gelatinosum,
& see also their description of A. diaphanum

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not smooth

That's good work Chris. I have checked out your links.
I suspected so when I read "surface smooth =A.gelatinosom...Surface tuberculate= a.hirsutum" in Hayward & Ryland. I should have 'listened' instead of writing "pretty smooth (to touch) but..". That might teach me something! It is far from smooth visually.
The whole atmosphere in 'britishbryazoans' is authoritative.
So, I have amended the ID for consideration (thanks for the opportunity).

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Picture Four

Now - pic 4.
Could it be perhaps, Flustrellidra hispida "..out of water resembles a gelatinous patch, like a blob of dried glue.." Collins Complete
Hard but not calcified - yielding to a fingernail.

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Definitely unlike the other 3

Definitely unlike the other 3, so should really go for separate ID

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well spotted

Yep, soon then. Thanks.
And now see another here -

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Separate post & ID for photo 4

Coming soon? Or is it already done & I have missed it?