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Huge Asteraceae

Observed: 29th June 2013 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in PlantsAmadan’s reputation in Plants

A tall (2m) member of what used to be the Compositae. Stems round, downy. Leaves huge, alternate, simple. Yellow thistle-like flowers emerging. Fragrant when bruised.
Updated 3 July with photo of open inflorescence.

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I am thinking Inula helenium

I am thinking Inula helenium or Telekia speciosa, the multi flower has me thinking this way.

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The Inula helenium seems more likely than Helianthus, but I remember the leaves as more dock-like rather than sharply toothed like these. I can't quite see if they are stalked or clasping. Hmm, coming round to Telekia...

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I think you could be right -

I think you could be right - I am not sure it's just the multi flowers, could be either for me :)

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Many thanks

For all the above. I was really stumped. The clump-forming habit of Telekia and the leaf texture suggests this species to me. I'd not have got thee without help, and would not be surprised to be wrong.
I'll go back, if I'm spared, and photograph the flowers when fully out.

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I've added a shot of a fully-opened flower, which suggests that Duxbury Rambler has the right of it.

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The reserve staff say it is Telekia