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Unknown micro-moth

Observed: 29th June 2013 By: Stephen PlummerStephen Plummer’s reputation in InvertebratesStephen Plummer’s reputation in Invertebrates
Unknown micro 2
Unknown micro
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Moth ID

Stephen have a look here, but I don't think it will help

Perhaps you could send the photos to your local recorder, you'll get the name through the Atropos website


Let us all know how you get on.

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I really appreciate your

I really appreciate your help. My problem is that my spare time is so taken up identifying hoverflies & other families that I really appreciate the help available on iSpot to help save a bit of time when I'm not sure. I'm getting a lot better though!

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Cydia has in its ranks the

Cydia has in its ranks the Codlin Moth which infests apple crops, ruining the fruits