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Golden Orfe (pregnant) death

Observed: 28th June 2013 By: Flintsman
No obviouse injuries
Host pond in BG 30 feet across
Advanced stage of pregnancy

This is the second pregnant fish I have found dead in the last three days. This Orfe weighed 4lbs, age approx. 12 years old and had no obvious signs of injury as you might expect from a Heron (I cut the fish open to see if it had a roe, which it did). The previous death was a medium/small carp which was also pregnant.
The only change to their environment is a addition of approximately 5% top-up of tap water (Kent hard water) in a 30 foot pond.
Can anyone help.

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Death of Golden Orfe

Two things I had forgotten to mention are:
A few days before the Orfe died I noticed the larger Carp trying to stop the Orfe feeding. The Orfe are normally the bravest feeders.
Also there was a small inflated sack external to the Oviduct or Anus after death.

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Its a difficult one to give an answer to these sociable fish require high levels of oxygenation are of utmost importance during spells of warmer weather as you probably know, The leading cause of death with these fish and their idus relatives is usually due to low oygen levels in the water.
what are they feeding on? How many have you ? What where the eyes like Cloudy or not ?


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