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Field Mouse

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Field Mouse
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going with your....

....ID based on geography - it could also be yellow-necked - and therefore Apodemus would be more accurate. As far as I am aware - yellow-necked isn't in Ireland yet!! :)

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Safe assumption

... but you never know. This one didn't pose for a second photo!


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Wood mouse

Yellow-necked mouse has yet to be identified in Ireland so safe bet it is a wood mouse. I've added an id for wood mouse as, strictly speaking, there is no such animal as a field mouse; it is a term used to describe most small European mice and, in America, small voles.

I know iSpot offers common field mouse first but that is a quirk of the NBN database used to name species.

Graham Banwell

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When offered a choice

... the temptation is to take whichever one seems most appropriate. If it was in grassland its a field mouse or if near trees, a wood mouse.