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Coralline Algae

Observed: 26th June 2013 By: dejayM
Biological Recording In ScotlandHighland Biological Recording GroupOrkney Biodiversity Records Centre
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engulfing clam

Encrusting, gorgeous off-pink and hard algae. Mostly found on rock but here shown on Kelp stalk.
The 'limpet' in P1 seems to be engulfed.
EDIT - updated Hyperlink
I am not quite as certain as my ID panel suggests but there is a close lookalike here -

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i think..

...pic 3 is definitely phymatolithon purpureum and possibly 4, not sure about the first 2

see some of the postings

both verified by expert algologist (from NHM)

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You could be right - I was worried.
You do seem very confident!
But I see that you have no agreements to yours (only 'expert' confirmation) - nothing new in that of course!
I will reconfigure and remove the last two pics.
So, for anyone coming here - goodness I hope someone else DOES, then two pictures of crusty red algae on rock have been removed

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if you're..

...happy to share these pics - I can get my expert NHM algologist to confirm these (he's been with the natural history museum as an algologist for approx 30 odd years and is a renowned expert on seaweeds). I am lucky because he lives 2 miles down the road and is approachable.

Up to you - it does mean an almost certain ID - he is also amenable to 'I don't know or I'm not sure' - which in my book is always reassuring as most of us are probably not sure if we're truthful.

I am also intrigued why you are "I'm sure as I can be" when these encrusters are little horrors to be sure of at all. You have obviously come on quicker than I have - but that's no mean feat..

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as soon as you get ... confirmation - everyone runs away. They thought they were the experts and unfortunately none of us are.

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Yes please, check your email again soon as the pictures are there waiting for you.
I changed my tune recently from showing lack of confidence to being, well, more certain!
To be frank, I don't think it matters much which you opt for, except to say we should be more confident!

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not here yet...

...sure they will be - I will forward to Ian and let you know.

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New Doris link

for Lithophyllum incrustans

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Thanks Chris, quite useful. I am researching the family Corallinaceae for a new Observation on the 27th March 2017

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says yes to these 2 pics although not 100% because he would of liked a sample to look at, so you have my agreement

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Origin Dec. 2015
Well, thank Ian for me please. Looking back I wish I'd've spent more time in those beds and must wade out again this coming year. I suspect there will be a lot of mysteries!
Added - It's true, lots of mysteries and few answers.
I am back, researching, because I am about to launch a new observation for Corallines

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Revisiting in 2017, after some pretty intensive study, I can no longer support the Species..
We cannot be certain without good support, just what species is involved in the crusty reds. It has recently been discovered that 2 sometimes more species co-habit to form these crusts.