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Dragonfly larvae

Observed: 2nd June 2013 By: ct2696ct2696’s reputation in Invertebratesct2696’s reputation in Invertebratesct2696’s reputation in Invertebrates
damselfly larvae
damselfly larvae 2

fished out of the pond, have only seen red dragonflies about in the last few years as well as blue and red damselflies


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Garden pond

Did they come from a garden pond ?

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Yes Chris, they were in my

Yes Chris, they were in my garden pond

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They look like Hawker Dragonfly larvae. To be realistic of all the Hawker Dragonfly species the one that is a regular visitor to garden ponds is the Southern Hawker. They can often be seen laying eggs in garden pond vegetation. A friend of mine had over 50 Southern Hawkers emerge from what was a very small garden pond in just a few days.

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