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Three yellow bands?

Species interactions

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Species with which Garden Bumblebee (Bombus (Megabombus) hortorum) interacts


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Thank you for looking

I will try to get better photo's next time.


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Happy Snaps

Hello Karen No worries You are not alone here . Bees move quickly and are not easy subjects in the big scheme of things you did well - usually if you can snap two one from the side and one from above in that order as shadow from above usually is perceived a s movement esp in Hovers that a a good start with wasps if you are lucky and can get close the face with hovers may be a head or leg shot The tail of the bee is useful in identifying the overall body pattern an expert might be able to go further with the ID from experience Keep them coming , have a go yourself at the ID and have fun on the i-spot site
It could be Bombus hortorum !!! ;-) see below



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Have a look at this site -
It's an interactive way of having a go at identifying these chaps/chapesses.

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What a great site

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction


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It is Bombus hortorum.

It is Bombus hortorum.