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ID link below

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Question for Chris -

Do you know why your excellent site isn't compatible with Mozilla Firefox? It's easy enough to open another browser to view it properly, but I keep forgetting (it's my age!)

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Hi, the site if Adobe "FLASH" based and although Flash is easy to use and has more creative features I know there are compatibility issues, particularly with Apple mobile devices.

As for Firefox all I can suggest is have you downloaded the latest version of Flash Player, available at the Adobe website. I hope that helps.

My provider should be releasing a HTML version soon, I hope.

Regards Chris

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Flash player is up-to-date

Will await the HTML version, in the meantime I'll just try to remember to switch to another browser!
"PC compatible" should really read "PC not-entirely incompatible on a good day"...

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I have to admit I switched to Apple some years ago and the compatibility issues just went away.