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Have you recently been on holiday?! The reason I ask is that at first glance this looks rather like Jersey Grasshopper, which is known from Jersey (and elsewhere on the continent) but not from mainland Britain.

But ... it is a nymph (juvenile) and that makes ID much harder. I suspect a more likely ID is that it is a particularly streaky form of Lesser Marsh Grasshopper, but would be good to hear opinions from others, and also it would be well worth re-visiting the site in another month or so and looking for adults.

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Intriguing indeed!

The site is a new SANGS site built as part of a new housing development, and has recently been seeded with wildflowers and grasses. It was, up until 7 or 8 months ago, an abandoned school playing field.

I'm no field collector, just photos, but it is only 5 minutes from home, so I'll pop back regularly to look for adults. Easier to find when they're making noise too!