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Unknown spider/mite

Observed: 22nd May 2010 By: geoffEinongeoffEinon’s reputation in InvertebratesgeoffEinon’s reputation in InvertebratesgeoffEinon’s reputation in Invertebrates

I found hundreds of these mites congregating on the side of my car. Photo taken with X5 macro. Original size 1-2 mm

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A freshly emerged Garden

A freshly emerged Garden Spider (Araneus diadematus) spiderling. Keep watching and in the next few months it will get browner and develop the white cross on the abdomen. Have you seen a cluster of them?


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Garden spider

Thanks DJ. Yes there was a cluster of hundreds of them in a diffuse web on the side of the car. Blowing up the images also revealed a lot of very very much smaller spider-like insects

Thanks again for ID and comments - much appreciated