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Unknown tree

Observed: 20th May 2010 By: y2j201
    Likely ID
    Prunus sp., var. or hybrid
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Are you sure it's a prunus??

I thought this was a crab apple - Malus sylvestris - I have a species form in my garden - malus profusion which looks like this ... certainly the picture on the left looks like it - or malus royalty which has greener leaves than profusion.
how do you tell the difference at this stage?

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Malus species

This is a cultivated Malus that looks like the variety Profusion, but there are other simialr varieties.


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Prunus? Malus?

I suspect if any of us saw the whole tree, the answer would be immediately obvious. I am also sure that a good technical botanist would glance at the flower structure and be able to say PDQ.
As a casual gardening botanist, it looks like it could be either to me. The flower stalk looks very long, which to me says Prunus rather than Malus. The leaves also look rather bronze - again saying Prunus to me - as in some P. cerasifera clones.