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Soldier Beetle

Observed: 26th June 2013 By: Stephen PlummerStephen Plummer’s reputation in InvertebratesStephen Plummer’s reputation in Invertebrates
Soldier Beetle
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That's correct. Why not add

That's correct. Why not add the ID yourself?


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Soldier Beetle

I've decided to jump in with an ID despite your encouragement to the poster. Soldier Beetle as an ID takes you to family - Cantharidae, and is a good start. But beyond that, it took me over an hour to track down pictures on the net of all the UK soldier beetles when I identified mine last week. But as I did so fairly recently, I am pretty sure of the ID of this one. This is the web page I found most useful - - it has most of them.

Some people would call this a Sailor Beetle for the simple reason that only soldiers wore red jackets. Sailors wore dark ones, as this beetle does!


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That's really helpful,

That's really helpful, thanks. There's also some good photos at
I really must crack these beetles now they're starting to appear regularly! :-)