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Sea Milkwort

Observed: 26th June 2013 By: Featherless bipedFeatherless biped’s reputation in PlantsFeatherless biped’s reputation in PlantsFeatherless biped’s reputation in PlantsFeatherless biped’s reputation in Plants

Growing in shaded hollow on sandy grassland a few metres from the sea. What a stunner!
Pitted upper side of leaves.

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What a mess.

I, like you cicuta58 tried to add Glaux maritime, but when posted went to Lysimachia.

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...it said Glaux yesterday!

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I did type Glaux. If any one official reads this, please get rid of Lysimachia maritima. It is making fools of us all.


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I've just noticed that there's a new forum thread for precisely this purpose (Within Site Feedback forum).

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I too, today, typed in Glaux which then automatically went to Lysimachia.


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worked for me..
The posting can be deleted BY the originator. But ID's cannot.
I think IDs should stand because it helps us all understand the difficulties of getting it right and the naming anomalies.
Postings though, should be deletable - but ONLY by the poster or Admin.

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I've alerted Martin Harvey to

I've alerted Martin Harvey to this.

Bob Ford

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This has just got a whole lot worse (for me) Bob; read http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/346570#comment-119363

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Hi everyone,

As far as I can tell, iSpot is working the way we intend, but there are clearly differing views on the correct name for this plant.

The species names in the iSpot dictionary are supplied by the UK Species Inventory (UKSI) project at the Natural History Museum. The recommended name for this plant in the UKSI is Lysimachia maritima:

So, on iSpot, if you type in "Sea Milkwort", or "Glaux maritima" and then click on "Get recommended", iSpot will automatically change the scientific name to the name that is recommended in the UKSI.

However, we recognise that opinions can differ about what the correct name should be, and hence you can type in "Glaux maritima" as the scientific name, and as long as you DON'T then click on "Get recommended" before saving your identification it will remain as Glaux maritima (but you won't necessarily see all the links that appear when a recommended name is used).

If you disagree with the choice of recommended name please report it to the UKSI, preferably giving references to where the correct name is defined. This can be done via the iSpot forums:

or more directly via the Species Dictionary section within the NBN forums:

It can take some time for names to be changed in the UKSI, and then to feed through to iSpot, so I can't promise that corrections, once agreed, will appear quickly, but where reported they are looked into.

Our aim is to encourage people wherever possible to use a recommended name from a reputable and documented source, which for the UK is the UKSI. But as stated above, you always have the alternative of typing in the name you wish to use if you don't agree with the one that the "Get recommended" button offers.

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Yes Martin thanks. When you are inexperienced (like ME) you think that you're doing everyone a favour by making a nuisance of yourself. The older hands must be groaning - sorry.

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nuisance? surely not!

No problem Derek, new people are joining iSpot all the time so you are doing people a favour by asking questions when things are unclear - please keep it up!

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Pretty Rich

Is it unprecedented, agreeing to FOUR ID's.
I have and so has Tim. We all should. Not certain about hyphens though