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130619 Knocking hoe 5825

Observed: 19th June 2013 By: Martin D. ParrMartin D. Parr’s reputation in InvertebratesMartin D. Parr’s reputation in Invertebrates
130619 Knocking hoe 5825
130619 Knocking hoe 5827
130619 Knocking hoe 5829
130619 Knocking hoe 5833

Small weevil, 2 - 3 mm, feeding on pollen on a Pasque flower

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What I meant by "there is a nint" is "there is a hint"!

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Thank you

Many thanks Martin, without knowing the key features at the time I didn't focus on the hind femora - and I just presumed the ones on the speedwell were the same (doh!) I have a lot to learn about weevils! Looks like C. graminis is the best bet then!

Kind regards, Martin