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Polydora tubes

Observed: 23rd June 2013 By: gramandy
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Polydora tubes

Small individual tubes not in colony. Title changed to Chris's ID.

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tubes here in this pic and marlin much smaller and not so high as those of polydora?

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It's impossible to decipher

It's impossible to decipher which tubes you're referring to; but I believe Sabellaria spinulosa's entrances are about the same size as S. alveolata's but that these are smaller; but anyway neither of these 2 bore holes in limestone or clay; & googling S. alveolata gave (P.1) a pdf from 'Sabellaria alveolata reefs' which also describes the formation of spinulosa reefs(P.2) eg talks of "1ce an initial concretion has been formed"

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how small do you think these

how small do you think your's were?

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My old '62 collins says

My old '62 collins says 1/10th to 1/20th of an inch, & widespread, very common.

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been back cameraless...

....went back to measure these and one of my chalk boulders gave me the answer. I had the best possible result as I had both on the same boulder S.spinulosa and Polydora. You are right these are from Polydora and the only sp recorded here in NE Kent is ciliata. I have agreed with your ID. THe Sabellaria had a bigger opening (and do bore into chalk) and on this particular boulder the P.ciliata tubes were much longer than in the above pics. Thanks for your help. Wish I'd had my camera though would have been a great pic for ID on this site for people.

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One major difference between

One major difference between Sabellariidae & Polydora is tha sab's tubes are made of cemented sand grains & p's arent (quoting Collins '96) & the same on Sabellariidae (both species) " the tube is attached to some solid object throughout it's length"

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I'd like to agree to Polydora but the Panel is flawed by the addition of 'species'. We have come to realise that agreeing to flawed Panels often leads to difficulties later. We should (pretty obviously) be cautious about agreeing to ciliata - though it is likely!
Hyperlinks in ID panels almost never work without additional HTML code, in any case they both appear broken - perhaps?