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Egghead Mottlegill?

Observed: 21st June 2013 By: ar8922
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I'm reasonably confident that this is a Mottlegill but I'm not sure which one. Based on Roger Phillips', this would be a particularly large example if it is Egghead Mottlegill.


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Size of dung patch!

I think you are right. The size of the fruitbody is affected by the amount of food available so this can be extremely variable. I'm more worried about the lack of ring which usually is a deciding factor in this ID.

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Thanks Janet

The dung pile was large and relatively fresh. 2 Dartmoor ponies have been grazing in this nature reserve compartment for a few weeks now.

I was also worried about the apparent absence of the stem ring, so I'll add an alternative ID for Panaeolus semiovatus var. phalaenarum, which (according to Wikipedia at least) is similar but without the ring.