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Bristly Mail-shell

Observed: 24th June 2013 By: dejayM
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A close encounter with this delightful, far less common here, Chiton.
Bigger than any chiton I've so far seen - TWENTY is 9mm.
I carefully removed it and watched it coil defensively, make a tight ball then gradually unwind when released. I still wonder whether it rolls to relocate.
Picture 5 shows a Scale worm - possibly (hopefully even) Harmothoe imbricata

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Checking out the Bristly chitons.

Hayward and Ryland give 3 British species in the Acanthochitona, so I have been checking them all.
A discrepans has 19 or 20 tufts of bristles, yours has 18.
A. crinita and A. fascicularis both have 18 tufts of bristles. H & R give the distinguishing feature as A. crinita having valve sculpture of large pyriform tubercles unevenly distributed, while A. fascicularis has fine rounded granules, densely and regularly distributed. I think it would need a closer look to determine that feature; fortunately only A. crinita is found as far north as you. so agreement.


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going back

I really NEED to get back to Marine Observing - these older posts are my absolute favourites! I am glad you go back to Other Obs.
Thanks Jo..