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Rat with duck

Observed: 22nd June 2013 By: rkw1rkw1’s reputation in Mammalsrkw1’s reputation in Mammalsrkw1’s reputation in Mammals

Possibly Pekin duck? sorry about the quality of the photograph.

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The duck is a goose.

The duck is a goose.

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Species interaction

There's a new species interaction feature you can use on iSpot - I haven't used it myself yet, but I think if you go to 'Edit' your post you can access it there?
The bird is 'white with an orange beak' i.e. I don't know what it is:-) but I suspect a domestic breed. You could try posting the same pic under Birds to get an ID.

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Rat and goose

The goose is a farmyard goose, a greylag that has been bred to be white so the farmer can see where it is sitting on the nest and able to collect the eggs. I'm not saying that is the case here just that is why they have been bred to be white - same goes for white ducks.

Incidentally, it is a goose not a duck based on the beak shape and colour and the overall size of the bird.

As for using the interaction button, by all means do so; however, are were they interacting or does the rat happen to be passing? If they were interacting it would be interesting to know what they were doing.

Graham Banwell

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If they were interactin' ...

... you can be pretty sure the goose would be peckin'

(I'll get my coat!)


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I saw at least 3 rats around

I saw at least 3 rats around but they seemed to be ignoring the goose and vice versa. It was just a quick glimpse from the pathway as I was in a hurry and couldn't stay & watch.