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Rufous Conopid Fly

Observed: 25th June 2013 By: orchid_borchid_b’s reputation in Invertebratesorchid_b’s reputation in Invertebratesorchid_b’s reputation in Invertebratesorchid_b’s reputation in Invertebrates

Internal parasite of adult bumblebees, waiting on flowers to lay eggs on their underside.

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Great pics and observation -

Great pics and observation - really interesting to see and learn more about a parasitic species.

Clare Flynn

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Thanks Clare. Hoping to get

Thanks Clare. Hoping to get better pics out of its pot later!

Jamie from Briantspuddle

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I think that they lay an egg right into the abdomen of the bee, where the whole life cycle takes place, rather than the egg being deposited on top of the bee and taken back to the nest to hatch out there. Fascinating flies, and very little known about some of the more unusual species, like the Myopae, and which bees they use.

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Internal parasite

Thanks Ian - yes, I now remember seeing photos of hollowed-out bumblebees which these had emerged from. Have added a couple of clearer photos and amended text. I'll keep an eye out for dead bees now I know these are about.

Would like to find some Myopa spp but I think they are over for the year now.

Jamie from Briantspuddle