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Get Recommended feature

The Get Recommended feature which looks up a scientific name from a common name or vice versa normally works fine. On adding observations this morning my PC's security took over and blocked it because it needed to download a file to my PC. When I allowed this the whole observation form was cleared and I had to start again. When working normally this feature takes a couple of seconds. In this case there was quite a long wait while it did nothing.



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Get Recommended eature

I had exactly the same problem, I found the only way round it was to do the Get Recommended bit first, while the form is blank, then once done fill in the rest of the form.

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Me too

Seems a bit flaky at the moment. Happened to me as I tried to get scientific name for Carrion Crow.


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And me too

And me


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This is still happening and

This is still happening and becoming a bit of a nuisance, not to say annoying.


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overloading system

This has just happened to me again. I think the problem arises if you use this feature while uploading photos. Doing both together perhaps overloads or confuses the system?

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On to something

I think you are on to something here MrG. It has just happened to me again and I was uploading some large (for me) images. I was looking out for it having read your post yesterday ... lo and behold!

It is also associated (at least in my case) with IE8 blocking the download of a file (that's what the yellow banner under the tool bar says anyway – not sure I trust MS's warnings that much).


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Thanks for the help in tracking down the cause

We've been aware for some time that there are intermittent problems with the 'get recommended' button but every investigation into the cause has found nothing. This is one of those times that having a fast connection has not helped.

Now we know that it's the use of the button whilst simultaneously uploading a file we should be able to fix the issue.

In the mean time you may find that you can avoid the problem by waiting for files to finish uploading before using the button.

Thanks again for tracking down the exact conditions for creating the problem.

Richard G - iSpot technical team

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You'll be pleased to hear that we've tracked down the problem after the useful comments left here. It should now be fixed with no problem using the 'get recommended' button at any point whilst uploading photos.

Please let us know if you're still having problems with this or anything else.


Richard G - iSpot technical team