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Solar-powered Sea Slug

Observed: 23rd June 2013 By: gramandy
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Solar-powered Sea Slug

Found in rock pool low down at the edge of the sublittoral zone. I need to get to grips with my camera now as trying to get pics through glass vials has not been very successful here - please forgive pics especially 2 and 3. I do think this little sea slug (approx 15mm) is still IDable from these pics though. New to me here.

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...this guy is a algae sap sucker and utilizes the chloroplasts within own body (kleptoplasty) - hence Solar-powered sea slug. Unique amongst animals

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Wow - how weird! Really good name too.

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Good Spot

Yes Graham very interesting.
My Agreement is based on reading and a few good refs on the I'net. But I'm pretty certain.
Time for a new camera?

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the camera is ok....

...the owner is old and doesn't know how to take pics with it. I must read the instruction manual which has sat on my computer for over a year now and then perhaps I can take it off automatic and get things in focus.

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Some of your problem is focus grab. See how the background is IN focus?
With your third hand hold something next to the subject and half press the shutter - it will focus on the something or the subject. Keep the half-press on and remove the something. Klik..maybe..!
The other issue is camera shake - age does that (I have it). Some of your pics (like these ones) are taken single handed. Best put the subject down and use two hands on the camera - be a steady sniper.
For the size of pictures needed here, you could set the ISO rating quite high - like 400, maybe even 800 - this will lessen camera shake. Worth a try.
More please.

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the camera...

...says it's got ultrasonic image stabilisation. I take it that means it gets rid of camera shake? who knows I need to read the instructions though.

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Yes, but at 'our' age, one handed, holding something at arm's length and camera on Auto-everything, there may be only a little hope.
If nothing else Graham, read my bit about focus grab and then try the camera on P(ogramme) or off Auto but with ISO set to 400. I do not know camera model so could help more if you say.
You could start a forum thread if you wish.

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...Powershot SX40HS, that means to me it's a camera.

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That's a handful for shaking hands. You have Programme EA (on the top dial) but you MUST set the ISO, say at 400) via a couple of key presses - page 81 online guide. DO TRY but don't be afraid to go back to Auto.

Online guide here
Save it on your computer.
Graham there is more to good pictures than hope and luck, read about Macro, ISO settings and Spot Focus (NOT Spot exposure).
I have more - Forum?