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Not known plant

Observed: 28th May 2013 By: ex-royalex-royal’s reputation in Plantsex-royal’s reputation in Plantsex-royal’s reputation in Plantsex-royal’s reputation in Plants
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It's possible

but the stalk seems much more substantial, ie thicker/chunkier than any other examples of Dame's-Violet I have seen.

Sadly this observation was made some distance away so I am unlikely to have an early opportunity to check whether or not it is flowering or has flowered. That said, the observation was made over a month ago and the flowers in this example look fairly imminent.

I had hoped that the very interesting edges of the leaves would help someone more expert than me to identify it.

Thanks for thinking about it.


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Some kind of Impatiens

It isn't this particular variety but could the similarity of the leaf, and in particular its edge, shown here indicate some kind of Impatiens? http://www.missouriplants.com/Whitealt/Impatiens_balsamina_page.html

The observation was in a semi sandy spot very close to a river which has seen a lot of flooding this year. Perhaps its a garden escapee.


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I've just had a close look at a Hesperis leaf. There are pale hydathodes along the edge, just like your plant, but yours seems to have a higher density. There are also some forked hairs, I can't quite make out whether there are any of these on your photos. I'll post some pics in a minute.

OK, it's at http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/345221. Have a look and see what you think.