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Having found this in a fen, I initially thought it might be one of the "wetland" speedwells. But closer inspection suggests I was wrong.
Interestingly, iSpot offered "Buxbaum's Speedwell" as an alternate common name.

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Germander Speedwell

My previous experience of this species is that the two lines of hairs are very distinctive, which doesn't look to be the case here: the stem is almost uniformly hairy.
But your identification does explain the other odd features, especially the flower arrangement.
Many thanks!

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I've noticed that it's often only the lower part of the stem that has the 2 rows of hairs.

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I've noticed the same thing. It is best to check for the 2 rows of hairs on the lower stem.

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in damp shady conditions the

in damp shady conditions the two lines of hairs are often indistinct (which can then cause mixes with montana)

Tim Rich

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A combination

of a strong breeze, confused autofocus, and sheer lack of attention meant that the photos of the whole plant were too poor for use, but the whole stem appeared hairy. Thanks again for the information, all.