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A weevil of some description? (added via Android)

Observed: 25th June 2013 By: MikeyOMikeyO’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Found in polytunnel on my allotment.

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Thought it might be Apion

Thought it might be Apion miniatum but antenna not elbowed like the book says.

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maybe a vine weevil

Unfortunately for you it looks like the dreaded vine weevil……..I got to know them rather to well after an outbreak in my garden last year. And have spotted one this year! But the photos a bit blurred and far away so you never know it might not be.


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Vine weevils seem darker,

Vine weevils seem darker, however that did start a line of enquiry and I think this is Otiorynchus singularis. The Clay Coloured Weevil. A pest of soft fruit too though, particularly raspberries and currants. Thank you.