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Fossil-like disc-shaped stone

Observed: 25th June 2013 By: orchid_b

This has been in the family's possession for 60 years+ and came from a London house (near Putney Heath), where it was left by the previous occupant. Nobody can tell me what it is: is it a fossil, artificial or what? My guess is that it is one of those odd fossils occasionally found in London Clay.
It os approx 25cm diam - have included shoes in photo for scale! The apparent structure on the disc face is also visible on the reverse side.


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No idea -

But oddly enough, one place to look is the web site of a seller of such curiosities. Quite a few are sold on e-Bay I find.
Be wary of descriptions, of course, since if it is possible to sell something fairly common as a valuable rarity to the unwary, that may be attempted.