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Tricky Pug moth

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About 21 mm wingspan. Would suggest Freyer's Pug, but it is too small according to books. Have had 3 like this all same size.

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If you were to suggest Freyer's Pug I would agree with you! Wingspan range is given as 18-26mm in The Geometrid Moths of Europe (Mironov 2003).

If you're using the Waring, Townsend and Lewington moth guide then that gives the length of one individual wing as 12-13mm, but the total wingspan doesn't necessarily equal twice the length of one wing, as it depends on how the wings are positioned and the width of the thorax.

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Martin - thanks. I confess I

Martin - thanks. I confess I had already been in touch with local experts and they told me the same thing (but without the reference). It has been odd that I have had one def Freyer's with 25mm wingspan ( I'll try to measure wings next time) and apparently broader wings, and then three small ones with a more swept-back resting position. I will get a hang of the variability of these eventually. The dark band across the abdomen is not always obvious.

I have kept one for an expert to do genitalia in due course.

Will add i'd as probable Freyers for Ispotters.

Jamie from Briantspuddle